Optimize the Moment: Embracing Change and
Leading with Empathy

The world is inundated with challenges—from societal division to geopolitical tensions—demanding a reevaluation of leadership as traditional strategic planning increasingly fails to meet the objectives in our “new normal.” 

Traditional strategies, often rigid and linear, falter under the weight of rapid change and unpredictability, overlooking the human element crucial for adaptability and resilience. Martin is known for his impactful work with government agencies and Fortune 100 companies; it champions the necessity of thinking differently, embracing change, and leading with empathy amidst uncertainty and chaos.

Image of a knight chess piece beside the text, Optimize the Moment
Photo credit: Lindsey Gibeau

Drawing on extensive experience from conflict zones to the corporate boardrooms, Martin shares real-life “Moments”—pivotal stories that challenge conventional strategic planning—in his book, From War Zones to Boardrooms: Optimize the Moment When Strategic Planning Fails. He introduces key principles such as agility, empathy, and a profound connection to humanity. Optimize the Moment is crafted not just for business leaders but also for visionaries, innovators, and anyone seeking effective methods to navigate constant change and uncertainty. 

With practical tools and frameworks, Martin’s methodology—Optimize the Moment™—is battle-tested, emphasizing motivation and turning challenges into opportunities for more Moments. This book is an invitation to rethink strategy and leadership, empowering readers to thrive amidst today’s unpredictability.