Today’s world is characterized and defined by unanticipated events in markets, in geopolitics and the environment. Any of these events can impact your organization in ways never before imagined. Considering our evolving, ever-changing world, business leaders need to recognize that strategic business decisions will need to be made the crucible of unanticipated events. Today’s leaders must make decisions that will result in organizations meeting goals, despite the unpredictable impacts of real-world events, based on the effectiveness of the best laid strategic plans.

Many organizations are “stuck” in a strategic quagmire where the development of a new strategic plan or revision of an existing strategic plan is often the go-to solution for an organizational boost or reboot. Plan after plan after plan can be written and rewritten only to be shelved and ignored or to fall short of its objectives due to changing conditions. While strategic plans occupy an important place on the spectrum of contemporary corporate governance standards, we can not necessarily rely on them to be a turning point for adaptive change. They often fail to result in more productive performance from management and employees when day-to-day operations are disrupted by factors which did not exist when the strategic plan was adopted.

Strategic plans need to be enhanced with an Optimize the MomentTM approach that provides guidance empowering the active adaptation of strategy to effectively address current events and material changes in the business environment. Optimize the Moment is an iterative approach that will help you make decisions inside the crucible of unanticipated events.  It empowers leaders to be flexible and adept at collecting and understanding analysis enabling them to make informed decisions to meet organizational goals. Leaders will be able to pivot and understand the available levers they can and cannot pull.

The Time is Now for Optimize the Moment

“Optimize the Moment” (OTM) is a unique and pragmatic business approach.  It permits leaders to make better decisions and lead more effectively, in the moment. By understanding how to gather and apply market analysis, intelligence, and data points, the OTM approach serves as a necessary real-world enhancement to strategic plans.  The OTM approach accounts for unforeseeable shifts in factors that can heavily impact your organization.

Martin puts organizations and their leaders on a path to best capitalize on change by developing a new, “Optimize” approach mindset.  The Optimize mindset will help leaders be more strategic, nimble and flexible in daily decision making.

Leaders will be able to navigate daily challenges and even crises with business processes and plans that support and help achieve their business goals. OTM can help your organization make immediate improvements that get you and your people making better daily decisions, right away.

And finally, the OTM approach will help leaders develop effective communications which are clear and easy to understand.  A communication style to get the entire organization working together effectively. Creating communications that ensure an organization-wide understanding of its goals will also create a culture that helps people live better by thinking better, and with it becoming better people and better contributors to their organization. Often employees do not see themselves in their organization’s strategic plan and cannot identify how they benefit personally from that strategic plan. The OTM approach places employees in empowering and engaging decision-making positions to help bolster effectiveness and achieve strategic plan business goals.

OTM for Today’s Short-Term Business Reality

To be successful in business today requires flexibility and a nimble approach to decision making. While urgency and quick decision-making is imperative, many still habitually lean on meetings and/or group consensus to arrive at decisions.

The Optimize the Moment approach helps you and your organization understand the parameters for decisions and business goals so that every employee is equipped to make better decisions in today’s fast-paced, fluid environment.

Adopting OTM helps you and your organization pivot to a mentality that puts strategy into every day decision making by taking a more practical approach than is found in many formal strategic business plans.

Martin will bring multiple recommendations to the table based on his research and analysis on your business, the competitive landscape, and your challenges. He’ll help your own organization pivot to a “seize the day” culture.

The OTM approach will help you understand how to apply strategic thinking to your and your employees’ daily lives. Make better, faster, and stronger decisions through strategic pragmatism and empower your staff to be dynamic decision makers that support your own vision.

OTM shows you how to effectively gather data points and conduct analysis for a clear, critical decision-making process.

You and your employees will be able to identify the myriad opportunities available in the marketplace, in the environment, and in the country while at the same time identifying and avoiding roadblocks.

The OTM approach provides the ability to map the landscape that will result in better decisions, both short and long-term.

“Optimize the Moment” is a better, more effective, and even more affordable way to bring about positive change in your organization than the more abstract, high-level strategic plan. Engaging with OTM and Martin Rust brings you and your organization a myriad of benefits

The OTM Benefits

“Optimize the Moment” is a better, more effective, and even more affordable way to bring about positive change in your organization than the more abstract, high-level strategic plan. Engaging with OTM and Martin Rust brings you and your organization a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Learning how to be strategic in a short-term, act now world by ditching traditional strategic plans and MBA playbooks that run counter to the reality and needs of today’s business realities.
  • Navigating internal crises and creating a company culture where everyone is going in same direction, sharing common values and common understandings.
  • Understanding how to incentivize your people based on what motivates them.
  • Uncovering a list of practical interventions that are reasonable, fair, and easy to communicate.
  • Becoming more practical and flexible as an individual and an organization to thrive in today’s unpredictable business climate.
  • Understanding high level market analysis, intelligence, and data points, provided by Martin without bias that inform your next steps.
  • Achieving results in a world that is fast paced, fluid, volatile and geopolitical with new pressures and influences.
  • Communicating to your team the mindset, culture, and actions required to become the business you want and need to be.

Trust Martin Rust

Backed by 25 years of making decisions in the crucible of conflict, campaigns, and crises, Martin Rust can and will make a difference in your organization.

Martin has more than two decades of experience gathering intelligence, analyzing data points, and objectively determining the best path forward. This practical experience helps inform his recommended solutions for your organizations’ challenges.

A long-time executive advisor, Martin is a renowned professional in the fields of crises management and government services. His expertise and guidance are sought after and relied upon by C-level and VP level executives serving in or catering to the government sector.

Individuals looking to be pragmatically strategic themselves and create organizations teamed with empowered, strategic thinkers rely on Martin Rust to develop and create a new culture.