“If we believe in our cause for all the right reasons, then we must put forward those reasons. In a time full of noise and disinformation, it is more important than ever to communicate with clarity, with a sense of purpose and with candor so that those who must make decisions can do so with confidence. Our job is to passionately, vigorously, and honestly put forward the most compelling reasons in support of our cause to the right people in the most effective and efficient manner.

– Martin Rust 

Engaging the government is not like dealing with any other client or entity. Understanding the motivations of the various actors is a fluid and complex task and crosses both the political level and machinery of government areas.

It is often a mistake to expect officials to have the same access to information that the markets do, let alone to see it through the same lens. 

Advocacy has many steps, including gathering and putting forward credible information in such a manner so that those who must make decisions can ask the right questions, develop solid analysis, and come to conclusions. 

We have the experience to know what kinds of information is valuable to officials, how best to put it forward in the most effective and efficient manners given the circumstances, how to engage the various actors, and how to maintain credibility.

We know what advocacy is and what it is not. All too often, we have seen examples of poor representation and clients done a disservice with the promise of a quick win or short-cut to some kind of “deal”.  These never work out and we often spend a lot of time (and money) repairing the damage done.

Believe in the cause for the right reasons. 

Put forward the reasons with passion and vigour and credibility. 

Build upon a solid reputation and thought leadership.

That’s how we win.