Reputation Management

“It takes time and effort to build a reputation, to stand for something, to matter. It is important to proactively answer the question why others should care about what you do. When others believe what you believe there is a basis on which to work.”

– Martin Rust 

Being aligned with a government policy or plan isn’t enough. People need to want you to succeed.

We understand the importance of reputation and how to build it with government stakeholders so that your interests can be put forward with the greatest chances of success. 

We offer reputational analysis to help understand your reputation among decision makers and how to influence it. Although market participants may be keenly aware of your presence and your activities, those in government may not, or may not be aware of the information or areas on which you would like them to focus. 

We also know that waiting until you need to rely on your reputation is clearly too late; building credibility and establishing leadership takes time. 

Reinforcing branding objectives is important as are other corporate goals but engaging with government is unlike dealing with any other client and as such, building a reputation among government decision makers is a separate function with clear benefits while ignoring it could have catastrophic implications.

We know how to engage government, over time, to build the right reputation so that when you need it, you have the “credibility bank account” so that people will want you to succeed for all the right reasons. 

Your reputation will make all the difference. Don’t leave it to chance.