Strategic Communications

“Most problems in life are the result of poor communication. We all communicate every day and yet, it is something we rarely do well. Effective communication does not happen by default nor is it measured by quantity; brilliant communication is simple and clear.”

– Martin Rust 

We talk to government and understand their business needs. We then translate these needs for our clients and help them craft solutions that make sense for government. We operate in the space between business and government but not from a marketing perspective, rather, we focus on the priorities government must address and we help our clients position the most appropriate solutions. 

The language we use matters. The tone we use matters. Our body language matters. All of our communication skills and abilities need to be focused on our goals and what we are trying to achieve.

​For businesses trying to engage with government, language, tone, and posture matter a great deal. Often, we see businesses using technical jargon or terms that are proprietary to the company. The language and terminology within a company rarely translates outside that company, let alone with government. Similarly, the language and terminology within government rarely translates to the private sector. 

​Doing business with government is difficult enough without dealing with language barriers, especially when all the parties are actually speaking English. Communication barriers are the most common obstacles to doing business with government and they are the most important to rectify.

The good news is that communication issues can be resolved. More importantly, truly impactful communications can actually drive your business and differentiate your business from your competitors.

​Developing a narrative for your business that clearly captures the essence of your goals and motivates the decision-makers to act, is more of an art than a science. It is critically important to tell your story in the most effective way and in a manner that others can repeat easily. Government is not comprised of a single person or even a small group, therefore, your story must be easily understood and repeatable among the different circles of people that will touch your issue. 

​How a message is delivered is just as important as the message itself. Whether it is through an email, a letter, a phone call or some other form, choosing the right language, establishing the right tone, and being consistent, is important. If the goal of communication is to establish understanding between two or more people, there are various tools and techniques to communicate with government throughout the different processes and vehicles used by government.

​Becoming an excellent communicator takes deliberate actions, practice, and awareness, but it makes a meaningful difference in whether or not you achieve your business goals.