Political Analysis

“Politics affects everything. It is how we govern ourselves as a society and as a result, it plays an integral role in our lives. The stroke of a pen can either create opportunities or put us out of business. As a result, we need to understand the landscape in order to align our goals. It is not as easy as it sounds.

Martin Rust

Political analysis has a lot to do with understanding people. Human nature is basically the same everywhere in the world which means the same things motivate people all over the world.

​Understanding what motivates people helps us to understand politics and the different political priorities. 

​Governments operate in a constant state of crisis which means that they can only focus on a few priorities at a time. It is also not always clear what those priorities are or how they plan to proceed. Reading the paper is not enough. Scheduling meetings for the sake of meetings accomplishes nothing. It takes credible intelligence gathering combined with thoughtful analysis to accurately understand the political pushes and pulls and whether or not your goals have an opportunity for success.

​If there is a path forward, you cannot stumble across it blindly without seeing the political forces at play. If you are to achieve your business goals, you must have a strategy that is deeply informed by the most insightful political analysis available. 

We develop working theories and then we test them constantly.

​We triangulate our information and we rely on credible sources, not the rumour mill.

​If it is in the media, it is either completely wrong or only a part of the real story that matters to you. 

​Political analysis is not about selling headlines or creating sound bites; it is about the objective understanding of the direction decision-making is taking and why. Our job is to translate that analysis into a plan of action that achieves your business goals.