Doing business with government does not happen by accident. It requires a dedicated and disciplined approach.”

– Martin Rust

An understanding of both process and decision-making is needed to sell into government. A good procurement strategy ensures that mandatory requirements are met and that it be seen by the right people.

The process itself is also fraught with risk and expense. Developing a successful strategy to counter this risk requires an understanding of the players involved, the various pushes and pulls each one faces, and developing a plan that will ultimately result in a vehicle that will allow your company to compete fairly.

We design actionable plans, draft effective proposals, negotiate with government, manage issues that may arise along the procurement process and provide strategic communications support at all stages of the procurement cycle.

Approach and Methodology

The approach to achieving positive outcomes can be divided into three phases:

  • Intelligence gathering: We help clients understand the government’s key objectives and plans as well as opportunities to maximize their positioning with all levels of government.
  • Scoping of strategic options: We scope out strategic options and activities that will define the path forward.
  • Implementation: We will translate the strategic ideas and concepts into a realistic and viable plan.